Sloetia (Moraceae): a new generic record for the Philippines

Danilo N. Tandang, Edwin R. Tadiosa, Elliot M Gardner


Sloetia is reported as a new generic record for the Philippines. Individuals of Sloetia elongata were discovered near the Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary, growing in lowland disturbed areas outside the protected area. A subsequent search of online images and herbarium specimens revealed two previously overlooked records of S. elongata from Dinagat, indicating that the species occurs at both the northern and southern extremes of eastern Mindanao. Sloetia can be distinguished from other Moraceae by its spicate staminate to
bisexual inflorescences with a prominent sterile groove and its free stipules that are nearly fully amplexicaul.


philippines; mindanao; moraceae; sloetia; new record

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