A Revised Checklist of the Moss Flora of the Australian Wet Tropics

Andi Cairns, David Meagher, Helen Ramsay


The Australian Wet Tropics bioregion is a hotspot for bryophyte diversity. In 2004, 397 moss taxa were known from the bioregion, since when extensive field work and taxonomic studies have added many taxa to the Wet Tropics bryophyte flora, while revisions and nomenclatural changes have reduced the number previously published. In this paper we summarise the additions to our knowledge of Wet Tropics bryophytes, and accept 410 moss taxa from the bioregion, including 170 genera in 60 families. We add 55 taxa to the flora, and 24 are rejected on the basis of false records or misidentifications, or because the records were found to be outside the Wet Tropics bioregion. Records of 14 taxa from the bioregion are considered uncertain, and 6 taxa previously considered doubtful for the bioregion are confirmed. A number of records including Holomitrium cylindraceum and Taxithelium lindbergii are reported as new to Australia.


Australia; Australian Wet Tropics; Bryophyta; bryophyte; moss; Queensland

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea13208