Drosera stipularis, a new species for the D. petiolaris complex from Cape York Peninsula, Queensland

Paulo C Baleeiro, Richard W Jobson, Russell L Barrett


Across tropical northern Australia 14 Drosera species are recognised within the D. petiolaris complex. The complex is placed in section Lasiocephala; a group of perennial sundews mostly characterised by an indumentum of white hairs upon the petiole. Here we describe a new species for the complex, D. stipularis
Baleeiro, R.W.Jobson & R.L.Barrett, which is known only from white-sand habitats on Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. The new species is allied to D. petiolaris R.Br. ex DC. and D. lanata K.Kondo.


Plant systematics, taxonomy, Droseraceae

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea14200