Reinstatement and revision of the genus Chaetospora (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae)

Russell L Barrett, Karen L. Wilson, Jeremy J. Bruhl


Three species are recognised in a new circumscription of the genus Chaetospora R.Br. Chaetospora is lectotypified on C. curvifolia R.Br. A new combination, Chaetospora subbulbosa (Benth.) K.L.Wilson & R.L.Barrett is made for Schoenus subbulbosus Benth. Lectotypes are also selected for Chaetospora aurata Nees, Chaetospora curvifolia R.Br., Chaetospora turbinata R.Br., Elynanthus capitatus Nees, Schoenus subbulbosus Benth., Schoenus subg. Pseudomesomelaena Kük. and Schoenus sect. Sphaerocephali Benth. Two species are endemic to south-western Australia, while the third is endemic to south-eastern Australia. Full descriptions, illustrations and a key to species are provided. All species have anatomy indicative of C3 photosynthetic-type.


Australia; sedges; Schoenus; systematics; taxonomy

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