DNA sequencing supports the reinstatement of Pycnolejeunea glauca from synonymy of Cheilolejeunea intertexta, as Cheilolejeunea glauca comb. nov.

Peter Beveridge, David Glenny, Lara Shepherd


Pycnolejeunea glauca, originally described by Stephani based on a collection in New Zealand by William Colenso, was placed by Grolle into the synonymy of the paleotropical species Cheilolejeunea intertexta with a type from Micronesia. In this study, we generated DNA sequences from a recently-collected sample of P. glauca and compared them with published sequences of C. intertexta from China. Pycnolejeunea glauca was recovered in the phylogenetic analyses as sister to C. nipponica, whereas C. intertexta grouped in another clade with C. vittata and C. streimannii. The analysis justifies the reinstatement of P. glauca as the new combination Cheilolejeunea glauca, a New Zealand endemic. Descriptions and illustrations are provided of key features of this species together with data on its position in the phylogeny of the genus.


Liverwort, New Zealand, Cheilolejeunea intertexta, C. glauca, endemic, synonymy, phylogeny, reinstatement.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea14692