Nymphaea kakaduensis (Nymphaeaceae), a new species from the northern portion of the Northern Territory, Australia

Carl Barre Hellquist, Andre Leu, Michael L. Moody


Nymphaea kakaduensis C. B. Hellq., A. Leu & M. L. Moody (Nymphaeaceae) is described from Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory. This new species is endemic to the “Top End” of the Northern Territory and was formerly included in N. violacea Lehm. The distinct floral form of N. kakaduensis of having generally smaller flowers with blunt-tipped petals and different coloration than N. violacea instigated a genetic study of taxa from the region. The cpDNA trnL (UAA) - trnF (GAA) intergenic spacer region was sequenced from samples from across northern Australia and a haplotype network analysis was conducted. Plants from populations that had the distinct floral form of N. kakaduensis are found to be genetically distinct from N. violacea in northern Australia sharing 4 SNPs and a notable 23 bp indel in the cpDNA intergenic spacer region to support the morphological attributes and species designation.


water lily, endemic, Kakadu National Park, haplotype network

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea15022