In-vitro developmental studies of Cheilanthes farinosa (Forssk.) Kaulf. (Pteridaceae)

Ruchi Srivastava, Prem Lal Uniyal


Developmental pattern of spore germination, gametophyte growth, differentiation, sex ontogeny and development of
sporophytes of Cheilanthes farinosa were studied in in-vitro conditions. The spore germination and prothallial development are found to be of Vittaria type and Ceratopteris type, respectively. The species seems be a good colonizer in nature. A considerable numbers of sporophytes were produced through intra- and intergametophytic selfing in culture. Sporophyte
production efficiency was observed to be 8% in isolate population and 12% in composite gametophyte population.
Genetic barriers and over-exploitation for ornamental purposes causes the reduction in the population size. Protection of this taxon in the natural habitat is urgently required as it grows well in barren and disturbed habitats and help in the establishment of colonies of other plants.


Homosporous fern; Cheilanthes farinosa; prothallus growth; reproductive biology

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