Prostanthera (Lamiaceae) from far-north Queensland, Australia

Barry John Conn, Trevor Craig Wilson


The endemic genus Prostanthera occurs throughout much of Australia, with the most northerly species occurring in the Cook district of northern Queensland. Prostanthera athertoniana, P. mulliganensis and P. tozerana are described as new species from the Cook botanical district of northern Queensland, Australia. Each of these species has a restricted distribution, the first species is known from Kahlpahlim Rock (Atherton Tableland), the second from Mount Mulligan (north of Dimbulah), and the third is only known from Mount Tozer (Iron Range National Park). Prostanthera albohirta and P. clotteniana also occur in this region. Since all species are inadequately known, an identification key to these species and descriptions are provided, as well as illustrations of the three new species.


Prostanthera; Lamiaceae; Queensland;Australia

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