New species and new records of buellioid lichens from islands of the South Pacific Ocean

John A. Elix


Buellia rarotongensis Elix from Rarotonga, Gassicurtia albomarginata Elix from Vanuatu and Monerolechia papuensis Elix from Papua New Guinea and are described as new to science. In addition, Buellia cranwelleae Zahlbr. and B. maunakeansis Zahlbr. are reported as new to Norfolk Island, Buellia bahiana Malme and Gassicurtia subpulcella (Vain). Marbach as new to Rarotonga, Buellia polyxanthonica var. isidiata Elix & Kantvilas, B. spuria var. amblyogona (Müll.Arg.) Elix and Cratiria chloraceus Marbach as new to Papua New Guinea and Orcularia elixii Kalb & Giralt as new to Hawai’i. Buellia maunakeansis is also reported from Australia.


Lichen systematics

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