The Role of International Experiences: Personal and Professional Development on of University Lecturers in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Thailand


  • Sukanya Kaowiwattanakul University of Phayao


international experiences, professional development, university academic staff


This study investigates the role of international experience on personal and professional development of university academic staff in the Humanities and Social Sciences fields in Thailand. The participants were 23 lecturers from nine universities in Thailand. A semi-structured face-to-face interviewing method was employed. The findings reveal that international experiences develop the lecturers’ cognitive and affective skills as well as enhancing intercultural understanding and broadening their worldview. For professional development, the lecturers gain up-to-date information and a profound body of knowledge. Lecturers’ attempts to transfer international knowledge into classroom practices included: the delivery of in-depth subject knowledge, promotion of essential study skills, implementation of different classroom activities, increasing self-esteem, enhancement of intercultural understanding, and fostering global mindedness and greater awareness of global issues.

Author Biography

Sukanya Kaowiwattanakul, University of Phayao

Sukanya Kaowiwattanakul is a full-time lecturer of English at University of Phayao,

Thailand. She received her MA and PhD in Applied Linguistics from the

University of Southampton, U.K. Her research interest included international education,

critical thinking, and teaching literature to non-native students.






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