Précis of Palaeozoic Palaeontology in the Southern Tablelands Region of New South Wales


  • Ian G Percival Linnean Society of New South Wales
  • Yong Yi Zhen


This compilation of all known palaeontological data from Lower Ordovician to Upper Devonian rocks exposed in the Boorowa–Crookwell–Taralga–Yass–Goulburn–Braidwood region of southeastern New South Wales, draws on a voluminous scientific literature of more than 270 papers and reports. Within this region are some of the most famous and intensively studied fossiliferous localities in the state, particularly in the Yass–Taemas area. Revised faunal lists provide the basis for new or refined age determinations, resulting in improved biostratigraphic correlation amongst the 64 formations and their members that yield fossils in the region. Early Silurian (early Wenlock) conodonts found in allochthonous limestones of the Hawkins Volcanics, the lowermost unit of the Yass Basin succession, are documented, as are representative conodonts from allochthonous limestone of late Silurian (Ludlow) age previously erroneously assigned to the early Silurian (late Llandovery) Jerrawa Formation. A new species of the coniform conodont Panderodus is described under open nomenclature. It is recommended that the name Hanaminno Limestone be suppressed.