Book Review: Local literacies in early childhood: Inequalities in place, policy, and pedagogy



The review begins by summarising the key themes and arguments presented in the book. It highlights the author's efforts to shed light on the complex ways in which the socio-economic environment of a child's upbringing influences their literacy acquisition. The book successfully addresses how the interconnectedness of place, policy, and pedagogy can perpetuate or alleviate educational inequalities, providing a valuable contribution to the field of early childhood education.

Author Biography

Philip Wing Keung Chan, Monash University

Dr. Philip Wing Keung Chan is a Senior Lecturer and course leader of Master of Education in the Faculty of Education, Monash University. His research work is focused on network governance, policy network, leadership and public education reform, especially in the context of Chinese enterprise schools. He developed the concept of ‘Asia as method’, which offers multiple frames of reference in education research, including inter-referencing amongst countries in Asia. This is new territory in academic research. It is of particular benefit to students from Asia, for whom only a western theoretical lens has previously been available to look at education issues in their home countries. He is the chief specialist of the UNESCO and the co-leader in the Globalisation, Education and Work research group in the Faculty of Education. He the co-senior editor of the OCIES’s official journal - International Education Journal: Comparative Perspective.





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