Book Review: Advocacy for social and linguistic justice in TESOL: Nurturing inclusivity, equity, and social responsibility in English language


  • Nyree Jacobs Nagasaki University


This review critiques the recent publication: Advocacy for Social and Linguistic Justice in TESOL Nurturing Inclusivity, Equity, and Social Responsibility in English Language Teaching edited by Christine E. Poteau, Carter A. Winkle. Divided into three parts, the book presents 15 chapters from various authors’ perspectives which address social and linguistic justice issues in TESOL including, heritage language and L1 attrition, the development of teacher and learner identity, and intersections between globalisation and the spread of English. The review will evaluate ways in which a selection of the critical pedagogical tools discussed could be applied to EFL settings to further promote social justice principles and address new and ongoing barriers for language learners.






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