Re-framing Pacific regional service delivery: Opportunity spaces for together and apart


  • Kabini Sanga Victoria University


Regionalism is a common development strategy in the Pacific region. Through it, numerous services are delivered to countries, communities and organisations. While some see regionalism as an effective and efficient strategy for the Pacific region, others point to its dismal performance.  Using the experience of the Rethinking Pacific Education Initiative for and by Pacific Peoples (RPEIPP) as a regional strategy, this paper explores regional service delivery and offers a plausible way of re- framing service and delivery for conceptualizing Pacific regional strategies.

Author Biography

Kabini Sanga, Victoria University

Dr Kabini Sanga, a Solomon Islands educator, has been part of the regional Pacific education scene for more than two decades.  He is a mentor to many emerging leaders throughout the Pacific. He lives in Wellington where he is Associate Professor of Education at Victoria University of Wellington.