Partnership in sector wide approaches


  • Hilary Tolley University of Auckland


Within the context of bilateral support to the education sector in Tonga and the Solomon Islands, this paper will explore how the discourse of ‘partnership’ has been interpreted and activated within the Sector wide approach (SWAp).  In concentrating particularly on the relationship between the respective Ministries of Education and New Zealand’s bilateral aid programme, as the ‘lead’ development partner in both countries, it seeks to explore how various partner relations have emerged.  In addition to commenting on the parties’ interests and motivation, it will conclude by discussing the extent to which these various aspects have impacted on educational development under the SWAp.

Author Biography

Hilary Tolley, University of Auckland

Hilary Tolley is a PhD candidate in the Centre for Development Studies, University of Auckland and a Research Associate in the Centre for Research in Education and International Development in Oceania (CREDO) in the Faculty of Education.  Her current research interests focus on the development and implementation of sector wide approaches in education across the Pacific region and the aid relationships between development partners.