International Education Journal, 7 (1) 2006


  • Various authors, IEJ


Volume 7 Number 1 March 2006


Going All the Way: A life history account focusing on a teacher's engagement with studies of Asia
Trevaskis, D.


Reconceptualising childhood: Children's rights and youth participation in schools
Johnny, L.


Interculturality for Afro-Peruvians: Towards a racially inclusive education in Peru
Valdiviezo, L.A.


Investigating the integration of everyday phenomena and practical work in physics teaching in Vietnamese high schools
Ng, W. and Nguyen, V.T.


Student teachers' attitudes concerning understanding the nature of science in Turkey
Sahin, N., Deniz, S. and Gorgen, I.


Student participation and responsible citizenship in a non-polyarchy: An evaluation of challenges facing Zimbabwe's schools
Tshabangu, I.P.


Reconstruction of the teacher education system in China
Zhu, X. and Han, X.


Forms of infringement of the right to education in contemporary Greek educational structures
Stamoulas, A.


Measurement of education achievement in human development: Evidence from India
Narayana, M.R.


Do International Baccalaureate programs internationalise or globalise?
Hill, I.






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