Ensuring curricular justice in the NSW education system


  • Dalal Oubani
  • Mr H.M Oubani University of Sydney


sociology, Muslim, NSW education system, Australian curriculum, curricular justice, critical race theory, policy


As the demographics ofthe Australian population changes, it is essential for the public educationsystem to not just cater for the needs of the new community groups that formbut also to help ensure that education is used as a vehicle to facilitatesocial harmony, understanding and equality. The link between disadvantaged andmarginalised ethno-religious groups in the Australian community and theirrelative exclusion in NSW education curriculums’ cannot be underestimated,specifically the English and History curriculums which play a significant rolein shaping our understanding and empathy of ‘others’.  It is evident from growing research ondiscrimination and the disadvantage of Australia’s Muslim population especiallywhere education and employment are concerned, that very little has been done byour educational systems to increase understanding and equality for thisminority group contributing to both the marginalisation and alienation of the AustralianMuslim community and the inequality that results.

Author Biography

Mr H.M Oubani, University of Sydney

Department of Chemistry,PHD Student


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