Cultural Achievements of the Slovene Diaspora in Australia


  • Ivan Maver


The first Slovene experiences of Australia, if one of the first documented visits of a Slovene to Australia is taken into consideration, go back into the colonial period. A certain Matija Kliner arrived to Australia sometime between 1857 and 1859, when he was working on the Austrian (Habsburg) military ship on its journey around the world. Rihard Poga~nik came to Australia in 1860, working as a navigation officer on one of the steamers owned by Lloyd's from Trieste (Trst). Anton Dolenc was during 1890 and 1891 on an Austrian military ship likewise making its way around the world and also stopped in Australia. He kept a diary about his journey on which he reported in the then Slovene papers. It is interesting, though, that none of these early Slovene visitors of Australia decided to stay for good, although the gold rush still swept the land and attracted many settlers from other European countries.