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Vol. 6 (1990)

On December 31, 1987, Leslie Rogers retired as Mc Caughey Professor of Early English Literature and Language at the University of Sydney, a Chair which he had held since July 4, 1966. The co-sponsorship of this volume by The University of Sydney Arts Association, of which he has been Secretary and President, and The Sydney Association for Studies in Society and Culture marks an appreciation of his long and active membership of the Faculty of Ans.
Early in his career at Sydney, where, in 1958, he took up a Senior Lectureship in the Department of English, Leslie became Sub-Dean (1960-62) to Professor John Dunston and, subsequently, Pro-Dean to Professor Ralph Farrell in 1967. From 1968-71 he was Dean of the Faculty, during a busy period of re-structuring and expansion of the faculty system. He has served twice as a Fellow of Senate, first (1968-69) in his capacity as Dean, and later (1974-75) as one of three professorial Fellows· elected by the academic staff.
Leslie has been a member of a large number of Senate, University, and Faculty committees, and Chairman of the Board of Studies in Music (1975-76), Library Committee (1974-76), Board of Studies for the Diploma in Psychology (1968, 1970-72), and Board of Studies for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (1968-72). Since 1966 he has been Chairman of the Australian Language Research Centre and has also served on the HSC English Syllabus and Examination Committees and as a Director of the Co-op Bookshop.
During his time as Dean, Leslie was instrumental in establishing the Department of Linguistics and, retaining an interest which dates from his service with the British Army in India, has always supported and encouraged Indian and Oriental Studies. The variety of essays in this volume reflects both the wide range of Leslie's teaching and research interests and the scholarship which he has inspired in succeeding generations of students and amongst his colleagues in that diverse field which is English Language and Early English Literature. 

Published: 2023-12-21
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