Feudalism Revisited: a Tribute to S. N. Mukherjee


  • John O Ward


In   this tribute to the stimulus of Soumyen Mukherjee as a teaching colleague, I   am going to beg the reader's indulgence. Although I propose to make some   comments on the continuing utility of the concept of 'feudalism' for the   teacher of history, by way of comments on the reception and 'after-life' of   the volume Soumyen, I and Edmund Leach edited together in 1984-851, and on   the teaching venture in our department that accompanied it, I intend to be   fuller and plainer in my references to an esteemed colleague thanis, perhaps,   usual in a Festschrift. I think all who know Soumyen will realise that this   is the only appropriate way to go on this occasion.