Vietnam Protest


  • Michael Wilding


The   war in Vietnam was the first television war, the media war, the media people   said. Brought into the living room of the American people. Well, Graham   didn't have a television and wasn't in America. Television programmed rubbish   and offered no lures. Later it offered lures, though was no less rubbish.   Later he adjusted to it, this the aim, the ambition, the pharmakon, the   nepenthe, sitting in front of the beams hour after hour, wondering how to get   in there, to be on the box. But that was after the war was over and there   were no longer demonstrations and protests and readings and the alternative   press to occupy the time. After the war was over television came into its own   as the great domestic controller. And not only in the house, but in the pubs   too, with its endless screening of horse racing and car racing and mud   wrestling. And in the pubs where there wasn't television, and in some where   there was, music was introduced so no one could talk protest and politics or   anything else for that matter any more, the music was so loud.