Bicultural Perspectives: Interviews with ltalo-Australian Actresses


  • Maria Shevtsova


What   is presented here is a montage constructed from sections of interviews with   (in alphabetical order) Rose Clemente, Eva Di Cesare, Laura Lattuada, Lucia   Mastrantone, Dina Panozzo and Peta Toppano after they had completed a   four-week season of Love and Magic in Mamma's Kitchen directed by Teresa   Crea. Performances took place at the Belvoir Street Theatre in Sydney in   October 1991. All performers, with the exception of Rose Clemente, were   interviewed within several weeks of the end of the show. Interviews were held   separately, except for the one with Laura Lattuada and Lucia Mastrantone with   whom I spoke together simply because it turned out that way and not for any   particular reason. The fact that this was a trialogue will show in how I have   fitted the pieces together.