Grevillea gilmourii Olde and G. milleriana Olde (Proteaceae: Grevilleoideae: Hakeinae), two species newly described from New South Wales


  • Peter Maurice Olde NSW Herbarium



Grevillea, Plant systematics


Grevillea gilmourii Olde and G. milleriana Olde, two species new to science, are described. They are putative members of the Aspleniifolia/Hookeriana Subgroup of the Grevillea Pteridifolia Group. Grevillea gilmourii is separated from G. macleayana (McGill) Olde & Marriott where it had previously been treated as the ‘Deua form’, a geographically disjunct, divided-leaf variant. The separate formal recognition of G. gilmourii here necessitates a revised delineation of G. macleayana to restrict it to populations with undivided leaves only, incorporating recent clarification to terminology in relation to leaf lobing. Grevillea milleriana is a recent discovery from the Maddens Plains area, south of Sydney. Known from a single plant, its recognition as a biological species rather than as a self-sown hybrid is discussed. All three species are linked morphologically and historically to the Victorian species G. barklyana F.Muell. ex Benth., which remains taxonomically unaltered from recent treatments. For the sake of convenience, all four species (G. barklyana, G. macleayana, G. gilmourii and G. milleriana) are grouped informally into an alliance, the Grevillea barklyana alliance, for which diagnostic characters are outlined and two identification keys are given. Both newly described species have divided leaves and are known from only small populations. Conservation recommendations are provided for both new species.

Author Biography

Peter Maurice Olde, NSW Herbarium

Honorary Research Scientist