New species and taxonomic changes in the Grevillea thelemanniana Group (Proteaceae: Grevilleoideae: Hakeinae) from south-west Western Australia




Systematics, History, Grevillea thelemanniana


Four species are added to the Grevillea thelemanniana Group, the constituency of which is discussed in light of recent phylogenetic analyses. Two new species are described. Grevillea cooljarloo Keighery and Olde was previously included by some in Grevillea preissii Meisn. subsp. preissii or as G. pinaster divided-leaf form, and is presently known informally as Grevillea thelemanniana subsp. Cooljarloo (B.J. Keighery 28B) by the Western Australian Herbarium. Grevillea gillingarra Olde and Keighery has previously been confused with G. thelemanniana Hügel ex Endl. Grevillea preissii subsp. glabrilimba Olde and Marriott is here recognised at specific rank, as G. glabrilimba (Olde and Marriott) Olde. Grevillea preissii is more narrowly circumscribed, in line with the original concept sensu Meisner (1845), without subspecies. A photo of the Blaschka glass model of Grevillea preissii is included with permission. The historical confusion between G. thelemanniana and G. preissii is revisited. Grevillea variifolia subsp. bundera Keighery is recognised at species-level as G. bundera (Keighery) Olde and Keighery. A conservation assessment for all taxa is provided and a key to the revised Thelemanniana Group, as currently accepted, is supplied.

Author Biography

Peter Maurice Olde, NSW Herbarium

Honorary Research Scientist