Orthotrichaceae (Musci) of Palawan Island, with two species new to the Philippines





bryophytes, Desmotheca, Groutiella, Macromitrium, new records, range extensions, Schlotheimia


This paper provides an updated list of the Orthotrichaceae occurring in Palawan Island, the Philippines. Nine species are reported as new to the island. Macromitrium clemensiae E.B.Bartram and M. megalocladon M.Fleisch. are new country records, while the remaining seven species were previously reported in other islands of the Philippines. A key to the species of Orthotrichaceae in Palawan is provided. Descriptions and illustrations are provided for the two new country records. Notes and range extensions for each species reported are discussed.

Author Biography

Virgilio Cutibar Linis, University of New England Armidale, Australia De La Salle University Manila, Philippines

Professorial Lecturer 5 Biology Department College of Science


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