Molecular phylogenetic study of Utricularia section Oligocista in Australia and a new Cape York endemic species




New species, Utricularia, Australia, Rare species, Bladderworts, North Queensland, Molecular Phylogeny


Utricularia section Oligocista A.DC. (Lentibulariaceae) is distributed across the old and new world tropics. We
present a molecular phylogeny using a matrix of the nuclear ITS and two chloroplast markers that includes 19
of the 37 recognised species sampled across the range of each species. The phylogenetic study also includes
members of the closely allied sections Enskide (Raf.) P.Taylor (including section Minutae Lowrie, Cowie &
Conran) and Stomoisia (Raf.) Kuntze from across each of their distributions. The phylogeny shows that Australia
contains species from the two major clades of section Oligocista, with each involving ancestors with yellow and
purple/mauve corolla colours. This study provides morphological and molecular evidence for recognition of a
new species, Utricularia irwinica R.W.Jobson & Baleeiro, from Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. A lectotype
is designated for the name Utricularia cyanea var. alba Benth. We also recommend changes to the taxonomy
of sections Enskide and Oligocista based on the phylogenetic results and morphology.

Author Biography

Richard W Jobson, National Herbarium of New South Wales

Systematic Botanist


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