Review of IEJ:CP


Dear Authors, Reviewers, and Readers of IEJ:CP

As you may know, IEJ:CP has been going for nearly 30 years as a volunteer-run journal. In recent years it has become an online, open access journal auspiced by Oceania Comparative & International Education Society (OCIES) and has now reached a readership of over 1000 people.

The executive of OCIES has decided to review the relevance and effectiveness of the journal in meeting its aims and objectives given the significant changes in the academic journal landscape and the impact of metrics, among other issues.

We invite all authors, reviewers, and readers to assist us by completing a short questionnaire. Please click on the following link:

Responses will be strictly confidential. Please complete the survey as soon as possible for a quick turnaround.

We plan to be able to provide recommendations to the AGM of OCIES at the annual conference to be held in Samoa in late November.

We warmly appreciate your insights and opinions.

Professor Bob Teasdale

Chair, IEJ:CP Review Panel