A post-structural approach to teaching about the 'developing Other'

Timothy J Blackman


This paper analyses my journey as an early career post-colonial and post-structural theorist and teacher. I ask how can different ways of knowing and engaging with the ‘developing Other’ be incorporated into teaching praxis and curriculum planning? The paper calls for a better understanding and incorporation of post-structuralism within the classroom by highlighting the uses of post-structural concepts including discourse, subjectivity, and reflexivity in praxis. The focus of this paper is a unit of work created and delivered to a year ten International Studies class during my final undergraduate internship. This discussion aims to contribute the literature that supports post-structural classroom praxis. I hope to offer this experience as a further site for questioning and provide an outline of how these concepts can transform our classroom praxis and curriculum planning.



poststructuralism; postcolonial theory; praxis; subjectivity

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