International Education Journal, 7 (3) 2006


  • Various authors, IEJ


Volume 7 Number 3 July 2006


Challenges and opportunities facing Australian universities caused by the internationalisation of Chinese higher education
Wu, M. and Yu, P.


The United Nations decade of education for sustainable development, its consequences for international political education, and the concept of global learning
Brunold, A.O.


Internet use in the developing world: A case study of an African university
Poda, I., Murry, J.W. and Miller, M.T.


Mapping self-confidence levels of nurses in their provision of nursing care to others with alcohol and tobacco dependence, using Rasch scaling
Blackman, I., de Crespigny, C. and Parker, S.


Vocational and technical education in Lebanon: Strategic issues and challenges
Karam, G.


Cultural barriers in educational evaluation: A comparative study on school report cards in Japan and Germany
Urabe, M.


Enhancing access in theory and practice: A study of graduates of an Israeli large public college in 1995-2003
Davidovitch, N. and Soen, D.


Implementation and evaluation of the debate-style tutorial study in a third-year dental curriculum in Japan
Shingaki, R., Kamioka, H., Irie, M. and Nishimura, F.


Study abroad as innovation: Applying the diffusion model to international education
Spiering, K. and Erickson, S.


Readability approaches: Implications for Turkey
Ulusoy, M.


Teaching leadership in the Russian Federation: Looking through the post-Soviet lens
Brouwer, L.F.


Popular culture in mainland Chinese education
Ho, W.C.


Sources and manifestations of stress in female kindergarten teachers
Tsai, E., Fung, L. and Chow, L.


Relationship between entry qualifications and performance in graduate education
Alias, M. and Zain, A.F.M.


Private schooling industry in North East India: A trend analysis of Nagaland State
Mishra, B., Suresh, P.S. and Rio, K.






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