International Education Journal, 5 (5) 2004


  • Various authors, IEJ


Volume 5 Number 5 June 2005
Educational Research Conference 2004 Special Issue


IT, e-learning and teacher development
Anderson, J.


Are Learning Technologies making a Difference? A Longitudinal Perspective of Attitudes
Dix, K.


Computer-animated instruction and students' conceptual change in electrochemistry: Preliminary qualitative analysis
Talib, O. Matthews, R. and Secombe, M.


Creativity in problem solving: Uncovering the origin of new idea
Aldous, C.


Achieving teacher education standards through a mathematics performance-based assessment: A case study of five Colorado preservice-teachers on field experience
Clark, J.

The effect of prior experience with computers, statistical self-efficacy, and computer anxiety on students' achievement in an introductory statistics course: A partial least squares path analysis
Abd-El-Fattah, S.M.


Most of ESL students have trouble with the articles
Miller, J.


Vocational education and training in Australian schools: Issues for practitioners
Barnett, K. and Ryan, R.


Professional socialisation of valuers: What the literature and professional bodies offers
Page, G.


The gifted: Identity construction through the practice of gifted education
Schulz, S.


Schooling, multiculturalism and cultural identity: Case study of Japanese senior school students in a secondary school in South Australia
Kijima, M.


Accomplishing new literate practices: Students with disabilities rewrite the story
Pickering, C.


"In the eye of the beholder ...": Girls', boys' and teachers' perceptions of boys' aggression to girls
Owens, L., Shute, R. and Slee, P.


Addressing the problem of service teaching introductory economics subjects
Barrett, S. The inquiry nature of primary schools and students' self-directed learning knowledge
Van Deur, P.and Murray-Harvey, R. Teachers' learning in an innovative school
Bissaker, K. and Heath, J.






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