International Education Journal, 3 (5) 2002

Various authors, IEJ


Volume 3 Number 5 October 2002
WCCES Commission 6 Special Congress Issue
Japanese Education in Transition


David Blake Willis and Satoshi Yamamura
Japanese Education in Transition 2001: Radical Perspectives on Cultural and Political Transformation


Satoshi Yamamura
National Education Policy and the Masses in Modern Japan: The Origins of a State-Oriented Mentality and the Long Detour to a New Form of Citizenship Education


David Blake Willis
Citizenship Challenges for Japanese Education for the 21st Century: "Pure" or "Multicultural"? Multicultural Citizenship Education in Japan


Ken Tamai and Jonghwan Lee
Confucianism as Cultural Constraint: A Comparison of Confucian Values of Japanese and Korean University Students


Shigehisa Komatsu
Transition in the Japanese Curriculum: How Is the Curriculum of Elementary and Secondary Schools in Japan Determined?


Taeyoung Kim
"Identity Politics" and Korean Youth in Japan: A Case Study of a Junior High School Student


Koji Nakamura
Cultivating Global Literacy Through English as an International Language (EIL) Education in Japan: A New Paradigm for Global Education


Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
Psychological Struggles of Korean International Students in Japan

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