International Education Journal, 3 (1) 2002

Various authors, IEJ


Volume 3 Number 1 March 2002


M. Alias, T.R. Black and D.E. Gray
Effect of Instructions on Spatial Visualisation Ability in Civil Engineering Students


C.S. Mcloughlin
Barriers to Hiring Students with Disabilities in the Workforce


H. Silins, S. Zarins and B. Mulford
What characteristics and processes define a school as a learning organisation? Is this a useful concept to apply to schools?


H.Wang and B. Fwu
A backup choice or not? Pre-service graduate students' views of choosing teaching as a career in Taiwan


I.G.N. Darmawan and J.P. Keeves
Two-level model of information technology adoption in local government of Bali

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