Research assessment in Singaporean higher educationL Changing educational accountabilities in a context of globalisation

Lesley Vidovich


In this article, research assessment in Singapore’s higher education sector is viewed as part of the broader trend towards changing educational accountabilities in a context of globalisation. However, while on the one hand, recent Singaporean policies resonate with a neo-liberal market ideology where accountability policies are designed to enhance international competitiveness, on the other hand Singapore’s policies also reflect its own unique context. That is, Singapore’s policies and practices in relation to accountability in general, and research assessment in particular, are embedded in its own historical, economic, social and cultural traditions. There is a “price to pay”, however, for competing with the West, especially in terms of preserving relevant research for local community development. “Global”-“local” tensions are clearly manifest as Singapore increasingly turns towards America as a model in its drive to enhance research productivity.

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