Children’s rights and the operation of Greek kindergartens


  • Evanthia Synodi University of Crete


early childhood education, education policy, children's rights


This paper provides a critical analysis of the impact of the Presidential Decree 200 (1998) regarding the operation of kindergartens in Greece, on children’s enjoyment of their rights. It appears that the Decree does not respect, protect or fulfil the participation rights of the child whereas it respects, protects and fulfils some provision rights (the right to education for all but not the right to participate in a culture other than the official) and some protection rights (the right for adults to act in a child’s best interests but not the right to be safe from discrimination) of the child. The Decree withholds or allows adults to withhold certain rights from children who are not able-bodied, Greek, Christian Orthodox and of sound mind in terms of family circumstances, ethnicity, nationality, religion and medical or psychological evaluations of their health (illness, learning, emotional and social difficulties).






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