Learning to work on a cruise ship: accounts from Bali

Luh Putu Artini, Pam Nilan


This article looks at motivations and both formal and informal learning contexts for well-educated young Balinese from poorer areas who enrol in cruise ship training colleges. The major motivations were getting a high income and helping the family. While basic hospitality and tourism skills are acquired, trainees also named other capacities such as politeness, confidence and tricks such as juggling as advantageous. The work on board was acknowledged to be arduous and demanding. Physical and mental preparation was needed. On retirement from a cruise ship career, savings enable them to start a small business in Bali. However, many such small enterprises fail. We identify the need for further short course training and other support in post-cruise ship work business planning and management.


Cruise ship training, school to work transition, skills, capacities, entrepreneurship, small business.

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