Development of educational legislation in post-Soviet countries: Education Code of the Republic of Moldova and other CIS countries

Andrei Kaliak


The differences between countries that were previously parts of the Soviet Union continue to increase. However, many of the changes reflect social and economic processes which are common by the character for the Commonwealth of Independent States – CIS, created on the basis of the agreement of the majority of the republics of the former Soviet Union. Various parameters of education are being changed starting with the assessment system and ending by the whole architecture of educational system. The most recent legislative act – the Education Code of Moldova – illustrates these changes.

The most important trends of legal regulation of educational relations in the post-Soviet area are noted in the article: erosion of perceptions about education as a subject of legal regulation; increasing attention to international cooperation in the field of education; the changing of system of higher education and introduction of a two-tier system; increased attention to the quality of education.


educational code of Moldova, educational legislation, system of education, regulation of international cooperation in education, control system of education quality

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