Molecular phylogenetics reveals a new species of Prostanthera from tropical Queensland with links to more southerly taxa

Barry John Conn, Murray J Henwood, Kirstin M Proft, Trevor C Wilson


Prostanthera eungella B.J.Conn & K.M.Proft (Lamiaceae) is described as a new species from the South Kennedy botanical region of northern Queensland. Concatenated nuclear (ETS) and chloroplast (trnH–psbA) sequence data for 38 species of Prostanthera were analysed using maximum-likelihood and Bayesian-inference methods. These combined data recovered P. eungella as part of a polytomy that included P. galbraithiae, P. howelliae¸ and a P. tallowa + P. lasianthos clade. A detailed description, photograph of holotype specimen, and distribution map of P. eungella are provided.


Plant systematics; Prostanthera; Lamiaceae

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