Paraboea yunfuensis: a new calcicolous species of Gesneriaceae from Yunfu, Guangdong Province, China

Fang Wen, Yi-Gang Wei


Paraboea yunfuensis F.Wen & Y.G.Wei (Gesneriaceae) is described as a new species endemic to the Guangdong Province, China. This species is one of two peltate-leaved Paraboea species in China. It is distinguished from the similar-looking P. peltifolia by the presence of longer pedicel and filaments, shorter staminodes, linear-lanceolate calyx lobes, and an indumentum on peduncles, pedicels, and calyx lobes. A detailed description, photographs of a specimen from the type location, and a table of comparative characters are provided.


Gesneriaceae; Guangdong, New species; Paraboea; Tanoxomy

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