Notes on rediscovery of mosses Anomodon perlingulatus (Anomodontaceae) and Curvicladium kurzii (Neckeraceae) in Yunnan, China

Wen-Zhang Ma, James R. Shevock, Johannes Enroth


Anomodon perlingulatus Broth. ex P.C. Wu & Y. Jia and Curvicladium kurzii (Kindberg) Enroth are reported as rheophytic mosses for the first time in China. They were so rarely collected that their habitat preferences remained unknown. The newly obtained specimens have expanded our understanding on their morphological variability and ecological preferences. After re-examining the type specimen held in H, the large size of median cells in A. perlingulatus is confirmed to be a measurement error made in the original description. An updated description is provided. Both A. perlingulatus and C. kurzii can be categorized as facultative rheophytes because of the limited number of specimens collected so far. We anticipate that with a better understanding of potential habitats of both species, that more occurrences in the neighboring provinces are likely to be discovered.


bryophytes; Anomodon perlingulatus; Curvicladium kurzii; rheophyte; rediscovery; Yunnan; China

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