Five new lichen species (Ascomycota) from south-eastern Australia

Patrick McCarthy, John Elix


Five lichens (Ascomycota) are described as new from south-eastern Australia: Enterographa cretacea P.M.McCarthy & Elix (Roccellaceae; southern New South Wales), Eugeniella farinosa P.M.McCarthy & Elix (Pilocarpaceae; Tasmania), E. usnica P.M.McCarthy & Elix (southern New South Wales and eastern Victoria), Megalaria montana P.M.McCarthy & Elix (Ramalinaceae; central-western New South Wales) and Micarea eucalypti P.M.McCarthy & Elix (Pilocarpaceae; Australian Capital Territory). Megalaria orokonuiana Fryday & A.Knight is reported for the first time from Australia (New South Wales and Victoria).


Ascomycota, biodiversity, Enterographa, Eugeniella, Megalaria, Micarea, taxonomy

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