The genus Cololejeunea (Spruce) Steph. (Marchantiophyta: Lejeuneaceae) on Lord Howe Island

David Meagher, Tamás Pócs


Cololejeunea elizabethae Meagher & Pócs is described as a species new to science from Lord Howe Island, Australia. This is the second Cololejeunea species known from the island, along with the widespread temperate Australasian Cololejeunea laevigata (Mitt.) R.M. Schust. The new species is distinguished from Cololejeunea laevigata (Mitt.) R.M. Schust. by its hyaline lobe margin, 2–3 lobule teeth and by the large, often confluent trigones and intermediate thickenings of the lobe cells. Differences from other similar species in the region are tabulated. Cololejeunea hebridensis Tixier is considered to be a new synonym of Cololejeunea laevigata.


Plant systematics; Australia; Lord Howe Island; Lejeuneaceae; Cololejeunea

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