Two new species of Acromastigum (Lepidoziaceae: Jungermanniopsida) from Queensland, Australia

Matt A.M Renner, Trevor Wilson


As a result of fieldwork on Cape York Peninsula, and ongoing revision of type specimens in lieu of the recent revision of Australian Acromastigum, two new species are described. Acromastigum carcinum represents a newly discovered species, currently known only from one location within the Jardine River National Park. The lowland and tropical monsoonal habitat of this species is highly unusual within the genus, and hints at the existence of a distinct, if species poor, bryofloristic element within tropical monsoon lowland habitats. Acromastigum implexum has been long recognised in Australia under the name A. echinatiforme, however comparison with the original material of that species confirms Australian plants represent a distinct species. Acromastigum implexum inhabits tropical montane rainforest habitats. Both species are currently known only from Australia, but both, particularly A. carcinum, may occur in similar habitats overseas.


bryophyte; Plant Diversity Research; Wet Tropics; Monsoon Tropics.

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