Five new lichen species (Ascomycota) and a new record from southern New South Wales, Australia

Patrick McCarthy, John Elix


Five lichen species (Ascomycota) are described as new from rocks in coastal and tableland localities of southern New South Wales: Catillaria gerroana P.M.McCarthy & Elix (Catillariaceae), Fellhanera robusta P.M.McCarthy & Elix (Pilocarpaceae), Menegazzia fortuita Elix & P.M.McCarthy (Parmeliaceae), Ramboldia curvispora P.M.McCarthy & Elix (Lecanoraceae) and Sarcogyne maritima P.M.McCarthy & Elix (Acarosporaceae). Arthonia lapidicola (Taylor) Branth & Rostrup (Arthoniaceae) is reported for the first time from Australia


Arthonia, Catillaria, Fellhanera, Menegazzia, Ramboldia, Sarcogyne, taxonomy

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