A revised classification for the predominantly eastern Australian Eucalyptus subgenus Symphyomyrtus sections Maidenaria, Exsertaria, Latoangulatae and related smaller sections (Myrtaceae).


  • Dean Nicolle Currency Creek Arboretum PO Box 808 Melrose Park, South Australia 5039, Australia
  • Rebecca Jones School of Natural Sciences University of Tasmania Private Bag 55 Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia




Eucalyptus, Maidenaria, Exsertaria, Latoangulatae, Liberivalvae, Racemus, Incognita, Similares, Pumilio, classification, taxonomy


A revised classification for E. sections Maidenaria, Exsertaria, Latoangulatae and five related smaller sections (Liberivalvae, Racemus, Incognitae, Similares and Pumilio) (herein referred to as ‘MEL+5’ lineage for convenience) is provided, based on evidence from a recent phylogenetic study of this group (Jones et al. 2016) and on observations and data from other sources, including our extensive field observations, study of herbarium collections, common garden trials and the findings of other phylogenetic studies. We recognise 153 species and 184 terminal taxa in the ‘MEL+5’ lineage, and classify this group into 6 sections, 23 series and 8 subseries. This new classification mainly involved the repositioning of various terminal taxa into existing higher-level taxonomic groups, as we have attempted to achieve an accurate and useful classification while minimising taxonomic disruption of existing names. Nevertheless, nine new higher-level taxa (eight series and one subseries) are newly described. A full classification of the ‘MEL+5’ lineage is provided, which includes all terminal taxa, taxon authorships, type species, the natural distribution of recognised terminal taxa, and taxonomic and nomenclatural synonyms.