The moss family Bruchiaceae in Australia: Introduction and the genus Trematodon.

Helen Ramsay, Alison Downing, Rod Seppelt


An introduction to the family Bruchiaceae (Bryopsida in Australia is provided for the two genera Bruchia Schwaegr. and Trematodon Michaux together with a detailed revision, key to the species, illustrations and distribution maps for the five species of Trematodon now recognised in Australia. Of the nine species previously recorded for Australia, one species, T. amoenus (Müll. Hal.) Stone & Scott is endemic while T. flexipes Mitt. in Hook f. & Wilson, T. mackayi (R.Br. ter.) Broth. and T. suberectus Mitt., occur in Australia and New Zealand. Three species previously considered Australian endemics, T. baileyi Broth., T. brachyphyllus Müll. Hal. and T. longescens Müll. Hal. are now considered synonymous with the widespread T. longicollis Michx, the type species for the genus.


Bruchiaceae; Trematodon

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