A reassessment of Asterolasia correifolia (Rutaceae) with descriptions of the newly recognised A. exasperata and A. sola

Philippa R. Alvarez, Marco F. Duretto


Asterolasia correifolia (A.Juss.) Benth. (Rutaceae) is revised and a narrower circumscription adopted; it is now considered to be endemic to New South Wales (NSW). Plants from the Northern Tablelands (NSW) and the Carnarvon Range (Queensland) represent distinct species and A. exasperata P.R.Alvarez & Duretto and A. sola Duretto & P.R.Alvarez are newly described for them. These species are distinguished from A. correifolia by leaf shape, the size of the hairs on the stems and leaves, and by having smaller inflorescences. Descriptions, illustrations, ecological and conservation notes are provided for A. correifolia, A. exasperata, and A. sola. A key to Asterolasia for eastern Australia is also provided.


Asterolasia; Rutaceae; Asterolasia correifolia; Asterolasia exasperata; Asterolasia sola

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea13059