A new species of Cololejeunea (Marchantiophyta, Lejeuneaceae) from New Zealand

David Glenny, Matt Renner


A new epiphyllic species of Cololejeunea has been found in New Zealand lowland forests, currently from only two sites in the North and South Islands. It has been found on the leaves of four tree species, the fronds of two fern species, and on one liverwort growing in mixed epiphyllous communities with other liverworts and epiphyllous lichens. Cololejeunea velutina is distinctive in its combination of patent, elliptical leaves, high leaf papillae, the presence of a filiform stylus up to eight elongated cells long at the base of every lobule, and lobules with two teeth, the first of which is moniliform comprising two or three cells. In the field the species has a characteristic velvety appearance, by which it can readily be distinguished from other epiphyllous Cololejeunea in New Zealand.


new species, liverwort, New Zealand, epiphyll

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7751/telopea13457