Grevillea merceri Olde & Marriott (Proteaceae: Grevilleoideae: Hakeinae) an uncommon, geographically isolated species in the Triloba Group from subcoastal areas of southern Western Australia

Peter M. Olde, Neil R. Marriott


The existence of Grevillea merceri Olde & Marriott, herein described, was brought to light following a single collection by the late Ken Newbey in 1963. His specimen was treated by McGillivray and Makinson (1993: 187) as ‘unassignable to species’ but with possible affinity to G. paniculata Meisn., a species very broadly conceptualised in their work. Revision and a more restricted delimitation of G. paniculata by Olde & Marriott (1994, 1995) clarified the many significant differences from this specimen. The relationship of G. merceri to other members of the Triloba Group however remains uncertain and awaits phylogenetic analysis.


Plant systematics; Grevillea merceri; Triloba Group

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