New species of Sporadanthus and Lepyrodia (Restionaceae) from eastern and western Australia

Barbara Briggs


Names are provided for one species of Sporadanthus from the south of Western Australia (S. rivularis), five species of Lepyrodia from the same region (L. curvescens, L. extensa, L. fortunata, L. porterae and L. riparia) and four from eastern Australia (L. imitans, L. cryptica, L. oligocolea and L. verruculosa). These new eastern species have previously all been included within L. scariosa sens. lat. Seed surface patterns assist in characterizing the species. A lectotype, L. scariosa R.Br., is designated for Lepyrodia and a lectotype also designated for L. scariosa. There is evidence suggesting some hybridisation in various combinations of L. scariosa, the species allied to L. scariosa, and L. anarthria.

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