Morphometric analysis of caryopsis in some species of Eragrostis (Poaceae)

Dhara Gandhi, Susy Albert, Neeta Pandya


Seed exomorphic characters of nine different species of Eragrostis were investigated by Light and Scanning electron microscopy. In the present study the micro-morphological characteristics features of caryopses such as shape, dimension, colour, epidermal cell surface structure and features of anticlinal and periclinal walls have been carried out. Light microscopy revealed that most of the studied caryopses varied in shape from oblong to ovate/ ovoid. The caryopsis in most of the species of Eragrostis are sticky in nature due to the presence of surface slime cells, which makes them appear shiny and transparent. This morphological feature could only be observed under SEM. The nine different species could be differentiated on the basis of shape and position of the hilum and embryo.


Caryopsis;Light microscopy; Scanning electron microscopy;Seed architectures; Slime cells;

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